Visual arts professor of Gent talks about "The Tapiézo Experience" : "You must live it to believe it! It has been 2 hours that my students participate. Tapiézo didn't say a single word. Children ask for more. When I teach my painting course at Gent, within 30 minutes there is only bustle and noise everywhere. I cannot make them stay focus. But with Tapiézo, they are all calm and work silently. Furthermore, I also learned some things. If I wouldn't have participated, I wouldn't have believed my students ! "MMK Museum fo Oostende - Tapiézo intervention - Belgium 


  « My son has never spoke to us so much before ! » Anne-Frank-Realschüle-Mainz-Germany

  «The paintings made are splendid, I never thought my child would be able to do such beautiful things. »  Boston - Usa

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What the experts say

  • "Tapiézo 'builds' his paintings as were cathedrals, with perseverance, love and tremendous faith in the eyes of others ... Tapiézo's painting is good for the surrounding world. Tapiézo delivers Happiness. "
  • "Why I love the works of Tapiézo? They are like suns in my universe. All Tapiezo's paintings are joyful and convey the painter's enthusiasm. His creations unleash our imagination. It's admirable painting. His paintings made of sand and ocher bring serenity. I agree with what Jacques Salome so aptly says: Tapiézo's paintings bring good luck."
  • "Moon Lader, Cosmos,  Elevation ... And all of Tapiézo's other « poems », are colors sometimes seen opposite the sun, when a cloud falls to rain and becomes a rainbow in the blue! The pure happiness of his poetic colored dreams reminds us of the prophetic visions of Arthur Rimbaud, the companion of all youths, appointing colors to vowels: A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue: vowels!"
  • "Meeting Tapiézo is a call to change our vision of life. Knowing Tapiezo is an outlet to discover or re-discover our senses by giving a sense to life. Living Tapiézo is like conjugating love under all tenses. Then, getting carried away by Tapiézo's creations quickly becomes an engaging adventure because it always brings you the key... of a door ... a form of happiness that sleeps deep in our hearts ... Certainly, there is a piece of Tapiézo's soul in each of his works."